Summer 2010 Trip to SC

Some Random Shots from SC Trip.

Alligators :


Box Turtle:

Southern Cricket Frog:

Marbled Salamander

Red-Banded Water Snake

Southern Racer

Green Frog

Eastern Rat Snake (Yellow Phase)

Green Tree Frog

Also Calling were Narrow-Mouth Toads and at least 3 other species I have yet to ID.

Unided Frog – Thinking Little Grass Frog

Ground Skink

5-lined Skink

Yellow Bellied Sliders

Misc. Shots:

End of Spring 2010

A few other odd and ends from the end of spring I had to throw in somewhere.

Ringneck – this was the 1st I have seen in the local watershed near my house so I was a little surprised to see a new species I had not in the area.

Eastern Rat Snakes out and about:

This one actually had only one eye. At first I thought it was dead, and me and my daughter were right on top of it trying to examine why this rather healthy looking individual was dead then it finally noticed us and moved a little but was not bothered by us being there and hung around while we observed it.


A quick trip to Westmoreland Co. to a place I visit regularly. This time was to see how abundant the queen snakes there actually were, because last year I had saw my first two there. This little trip I saw 3.

Queen Snakes:

Green Frog:


Variation in mtn. duskys

Early Spring 2010 – Part Four

Though not that exciting, while Tori and myself were out doing a study at the local watershed for her senior project we came across a Two-lined salamander the 1st one I have seen in my 4 years at the area. My other close population took me a while to find after studying historic locals from the museum.

Dusky Salamander

Dead Snapper

Big Snappers:


Box Turtle: This one had URI and was one I have found a previous year.

My daughter catching a Spring Peeper:

Daughter & Green Frog Tadpoles:

Daughter & Wood Frogs Tadples:

As I have said in previous post for this year I helped out one of the local high school students with her senior project on Herp Conservation at the local watershed. At the end of her project she went to one of the local elementary classes and talked to then about what she had learned and what they can do to help in their own way. It is always great to see kids interested and wanting to learn more about herps, and I was surprised at how well the class responded and listened.

Early Spring 2010 – Part Three – A trip to Greene Co.

I had the pleasure of being asked this spring to take a trip to see one of the rare frogs in PA, the Mountain Chorus Frog. The trip had been planned for a few week though when the morning came we kinda expected the worse with the weather not being on our side. I did not get the chance to see adult Mtn. Chorus Frogs, but we did see a few tadpoles and also some other herps and many wild flowers.

Wild PA Flowers:

Great Blue Heron Rookery:

American Toad Tadpoles:

Eastern Newt:

Northern Red-backed Salamanders:

Slimy Salamander:

Mtn. Chorus Frog Tadpoles:
Though not that exciting to some I was grateful to see that hopefully future generations of this species will thrive for many more years. Though the area and spot where these were found was rather public and could very well disappear.

Dead Snapper:

Early Spring 2010- Part two

From the previous post this starts some of the spring of 2010 photos and me catching up some. Some of these are from the local watershed and my help with a local high school student doing her senior project on Herp Conservation.

Probably one of my favorite salamanders, the Ravine Salamander.

Ravine Salamander

Ravine Salamander

American Toad
American Toad

American Toad

Spring Peeper
Spring Peeper /></p>
<p>Pickerel Frog Eggs. For some reason I have never seen nor heard a pickerel in the area, but eggs were present.<br />
<img src=
Pickerel Frog Eggs

Green Frog Tadpoles are always plentiful.
Green Frog

Northern Dusky Salamander
Northern Dusky Salamander

First Queen Snakes of the year:
Queen Snake

Queen Snake

Queen Snake

A very dark colored queen snake I have seen before but had never got a good photo of. Later in the year I do have a better photo which will come later.
Queen Snake

Queen Snake

Northern Water Snake
N. Water Snake

My daughter and friends daughter usually tag along for a few outings:

Northern Dusky they found.

Northern Ravine they found.

This little snapper was not to happy to see me:

My friend Ben joined me one day to get two lifers for himself seeing as he had never seen a queen snake or ravine salamander we made a few quick stops, and also got the first box turtle out for the year. Funny thing is we were walking though an area where I see one or two a year and I was explaining that they are not to common in the area we were, then I look down and said nevermind there is one.

Eastern Box Turtle:

Ravine Salamander:

American Toad:

Queen Snake:

Early Spring 2010

I have not made any post for this season. I am just getting around to uploading some photos. So the next few post will just be a summary of the year. This year started off on March 13th. I had checked the weather forcast over and over for two weeks waiting for the right moment, as this year I had a local student doing her senior project with me at the local watershed on Herp conservation for the spring. I figured it would be better to start of at the very start of the season with Ambystoma migration. Which turned out to be a big surprise.

After studying the watershed for a number of years I had a few vernal pools scoped out that I wanted to check this night. So I called my friend Ed and his daughter Tori that I was helping with in her senior project and we headed out. A few only produced the distant calls of Spring Peepers, then going to what I thought was a small and maybe not so productive pool near the side of the road we happened to find this area to be very productive. Over all a few 100 spotted salamanders and wood frogs.

I always find colorations between species rather interesting. A few wood frogs that were crossing the road.

Wood Frog

Wood Frog

Wood Frog

There were many Spotteds we helped cross that night also.



My friend Ed observing a spotted salamander. This was his fist migration and he had never seen anything like it.



After what we thought was a fairly successful night and walking back to the truck to head back to the house, I noticed what at first I thought to be just another Spotted crossing the road, at a closer look I was dumbfounded for a moment. I thought to myself this can not be a Jefferson’s as I was thinking this area may have been out of range. Maybe it was just a patternless Spotted. On checking the toes and giving it a look over I determined it to be a Jefferson’s.  It was a nice discovery for myself (lifer) and for the watershed.

Spotted and Jefferson's


Checking around a few more mins. did not produce any more Jefferson’s untill we were driving down the road and saw this little guy crossing.


And for another small suprice we found this guy out a little early.

American Toad

Thrilled by this I called my friend Bob. Who said he would be there shortly. An hour later he arrived and we did find two other Jefferon’s that night.


This one had me confused at a quick glance.




A few days after checking the pools for eggs.





SC Trip Aug. 2009

Spent a week in SC with my daughter visiting my family though Aug. 15th though the 23rd. We had a nice time, and when I had some spare time I took off to herp. I did get three lifers on the trip, Mud Snake, S. Red Salamander, and S. Two-lined.

Aug. 16th
Florence County, SC

Most always on these trips the 1st time I go out is with my dad. We hit a few roads and one of the local parks for a while. Not much seemed to be moving, which with the heat of the day I will find that to be the case for most my outings throughout the week.

2 Five-Lined Skinks
1 Ground Skink
2 Southern Toads
1 Bullfrog
TMTC Southern Leopard Frogs

S. Toads

S. Leopard

Aug. 17th

Florence County, SC

Meet up with a friend Matt and two others, and went out for a nice morning at a few local spots. Not much at the 1st spot expt a racer and a few toads. On the way to the 2nd spot we saw two box turtles crossing the road. A good sign. On to the next spot we had some better luck along with a nice prize that Matt spotted.

2 Eastern Box Turtles (AOR)
2 Southern  Racer  (1 DOR)
3 Cottonmouths
5 Banded Water Snakes
1 Mud Snake
TMTC Five-Lined Skinks
3 Anoles
2 Ground Skinks
2 Southern Toads
1 Southern Cricket Frog
5+ Unided Frogs
1 Atlantic Coastal Slimy

E. Box

Yellow Bellied Sliders

Southern Cricket Frog


Five-lined Skinks

Ground Skink

Banded Water Snakes


Mud Snake nest

The Prize – Anerythristic Mud Snake

DOR Racer

Aug. 18th
Georgetown County

This day was spent with my mother and daughter at the beach and brookgreen gardens, did see a few herps while we were out.

1 Banded Water Snake
1 Green Tree Frog (3 Calling)
TMTC Southern Leopard Frogs
Unided Tadpoles (possible Leopards)
1 Anole
2  Alligators

Florence County
1 Copperhead (DOR)

Banded Water


Green Tree Frog

S. Leopard Tadpole?

DOR Copperhead

Aug. 19th
Florence County

Went out for a while by myself, determined to get a good shot of a six-lined racerunner, but that failed. I did get a few shots that were far away, could not get a close up. Saw a few other things while walking around, but nothing to exciting. Then went to the river with my daughter and mother for a while, not much seen but a skink and a snappers nest.

TMTC Six-lined Racerunners
TMTC Five-Lined Skinks
1 Cottonmouth
1 Banded Water Snake
1 Snapper
Snapping Turtle Nest

Banded Water




Snapper Nest


Aug. 21st
Florence County

Went fishing for a while, nothing was biting. Then to my step-sisters where there were some tadpoles in her fountain. No clue for the ID but I am guessing Hyla
2 Southern Leopard Frogs
100+ Unided Tadpoles (hyla?)

S. Leopards

Unided Tads

Aug. 22nd
Florence County

Some night herping on the river with a few other herpers. Goal was mud salamanders, but no luck there, I did get two new lifers.

2 Southern Toads
1 Southern Leopard Frog
2 Southern Red Salamanders
4 Southern Two-lined Salamander

S. Two-Lined

S. Red Salamander

June 06 09

3 Queen Snakes
1 Racer
1 Rat snake
2 N watersnakes

1 Bullfrog
TMTC Peeper Tadpoles

4 Ambystoma Larvae

Saw this guy crossing the road and then ran though a field to catch up with him. 1st Racer I have seen in Allegheny Co. Can check this off my goals for the county.

Checked one of the Queen spots on the creek.

Went to the Pools to see how big some of the Larvae and Tadpoles were.

Spring Peeper Tadpoles

Ambysoma Larvae. Still unsure if these are spotted or jefferson’s.

Then while I was talking to this guy an his daughter and showing them a few Watersnakes a nice size Rat snake swam up.

- PA, WV, SC